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Quick tip: VirtualBox & localhost

This is just a quick tip that I found & I thought it might be useful for others. How many times you are building something locally & you want to test on different browsers or even different OSs, All the time of course. Here is a small tip I found here, If you are developing locally & have some VirtualBox images "I recommend using these for IE" & you want to test your local website/app on your VirtualBox machine just type & you will access your localhost this is tested on Mac, I dunno if the same applies to Windows or not.

Apache VirtualHosts

Now, I have a problem cause I'm using Apache VirtualHosts on my machine, this is how my httpd-vhosts.conf file looks like this

 NameVirtualHost *:80

 <VirtualHost *:80>
   VirtualDocumentRoot /Users/<username>/Sites/%1/%-1/build

Now when I try the above method of VirtualBox I can't access my local sites using VirtualHosts aliases, for the time being when I want to test I disable my Virtualhosts & enable it back when I'm done. If anyone knows how can I fix this it'll be great.

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